Oakwood Lane

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Some answers for your questions :)

We care about you enjoying the beauty and tranquility of your surroundings, not that you spend the price of a midsize SUV on our food. You're welcome to arrange your own food service at whatever price point serves your budget. State law requires that any purchased food be prepared in a facility with the appropriate licenses and insurance. However, if money does not exchange hands you may bring whatever you like. So yes, your grandmother may bring her famous perogies. We’re also happy to recommend some local caterers and food trucks if you like. Maybe with the money you save you can put a down payment on that house in the country.

Can we bring our own caterer?

Can we decorate however we want to?

What is your max guest count?

Tents are magical! Decoration options are truly limitless. We encourage you to be creative and make our place your own for your special day. We will help to support your vision however we can. 
You do have to set up and tear down your own decorations. We provide the shell and nuts and bolts as part of our base package price, the rest is up to you! Our only rule is to not use destructive hanging hardware like screws or nails. Also, please do not use chemicals or artificial decorations that may pollute or harm our natural environment.

Our base package includes amenities for up to 150 guests. We can host up to 250 guests at our venue. There is an additional fee of $370 for every 25 guests above 150. This allows us to provide additional, chairs, tables, larger tent, and larger luxury restroom for the additional guests.

Yes. We require each vendor to carry its own insurance. 

Is vendor insurance required?

Can we bring our own alcohol?

Do you require Day-of event insurance?

Yes. Each couple must purchase day-of event insurance for the day of their event. $1M of coverage can be purchased for less than $200. You must provide proof of coverage to us no later than 1 month before your wedding day. 

Our venue is BYOB. You may bring your own alcohol or purchase drinks through your caterer; however, all alcohol must be served by a licensed bar staff.

 We require a 25% non-refundable deposit, credit card on file, and a signed rental agreement to finalize your booking. The remainder of the fee must be paid 30 days before the event. We also offer payment plans to help spread the payments out. Just ask!

What do you require to book our special date?

Can we just pop over to see the venue?

What time does the party end?

Tours are by appointment only. We are flexible with tour hours to accommodate work schedules. Please call or text to set up a time.

We have neighbors, and they get to celebrate every wedding we host, not just yours ;-) so the D.J. must be finished by 10 P.M. on Friday and Saturday. 9 P.M. on all other days. Bar staff must stop serving alcohol by 10 P.M. on all days. But guests and wedding parties are welcome to hang out and enjoy the property until midnight. 

Oakwood Lane Weddings will set up and tear down all of the chairs, tables, and tents for your event. You are responsible to do a basic clean sweep over the tables and ground to ensure all loose garbage is wrangled and plates and dishes are rinsed and stacked together. This helps to ensure that our property stays pristine (and that the cute woodland critters don't show up for a late-night afterparty).

Who Cleans up?

Can we bring our pets?

Yes! But only the bride and groom. We love animals here and want them to be a part of your special day. The only thing we ask is that you keep all animals on a leash while they are on our property and please clean up any messes that they make (natural or otherwise). Feel free to walk them around, but be warned that we have many woodland animals and dogs are liable to run off if unsupervised. Please also be aware that you will be responsible for any damages caused by your pet.

Can we use a food truck for our catering?

Yes!  Actually, food trucks are uniquely suited for our venue. They are mobile so they can pull up close to the tent site wherever it is!

Do You allow firepits?

Yes! We even provide fire pits in select locations. You may use our firepits or bring your own raised fire pits. Raised firepits may be placed anywhere they are not a hazard to health or property.

You must bring your own firewood, and you may not burn any materials from the property. Our leaves, sticks, and woods are an extremely valuable part of our property's natural beauty, and if everyone burned a little each weekend it would be gone very quickly.

Can your tents be heated?

Yes! In fact, the company we use provides heating for corporate tents at the Toledo Zoo for their lights before Christmas events.

Enclosing and heating the tent can cost from $500 to $1000 depending on how large the tent is and how many heaters are needed. Just remember tents are not insulated or completely air-tight, so depending on outside conditions, inside temperatures may vary.