5 Reasons to Get Married Outdoors

Northwest Ohio is a great place to host outdoor weddings

Here are five reasons why Outdoor weddings are becoming more popular:

1) Northwest Ohio is a beautiful place for outdoor weddings

Northwest Ohio has many beautiful world-renowned locations. Lake Erie shores draws travelers from across the globe each year for the annual bird migration. Rare species of songbird and waterfowl pass through every year on the migration routes. Oak openings hosts even more rare songbird species and species of plants that aren’t found anywhere else in the nation.

The crown jewel of our wedding venue is a century-old spring-fed stone quarry. Spreading oaks form the canopy for some of our most prized ceremony locations. None of this can be matched indoors! Often, the best decorators accomplish their most memorable work by bringing elements of the outdoors inside. Flowers, trees, water, birds, and much more add to the atmosphere. And the best part about it all is that they’re FREE!

2) Outdoor wedding venues are more flexible than traditional venues

Religious ceremonies drive church decoration strategies. But outdoor venues can often be a blank canvas ready to reflect the character of the couple and the vision of the designer. At Oakwood Lane, the couple can choose their site and orientation. They can bring in decorations or use the beauty of flowers, grasses, trees, and sky as a natural backdrop. The venue can easily take on the couple’s vision.

3) Outdoor spaces are open 24/7

Some indoor venues like churches have other parties that use the space for events, gatherings, worship services, meetings, etc. Since we never book more than one event per evening, we can accommodate whatever schedule you want. Couples don’t have to compete for the space with alternate users.

4) Hold your reception and ceremony at the same location

Traditionally, couples would have a marriage ceremony at a church and then the whole party would pile into cars and drive to a different location for the reception and sit around awkwardly waiting for the special couple to arrive a couple hours later.

Many Northwest Ohio outdoor venues, including Oakwood Lane, have beautiful options for a ceremony and reception. We include a tent, tables, and chairs for reception in our base price package. Also, guests can walk the grounds, play lawn games, and enjoy the beautiful environment while the newlyweds take pictures on the same grounds. This is easier and more fun for the guests and can be cheaper for the couple.

5) Outdoor wedding venues offer much more space

Indoor space comes in one size only. If your guest list is too large, or too small to make the space feel full, your ceremony may not work well in the space. We can accommodate weddings ranging in size from intimate ceremonies with 25 guests or less to huge ceremonies for 300 guests or more. Guests can walk the grounds between ceremony and reception. Couples and wedding parties can take photos throughout the grounds, and there’s still room left over for our animals! Many other Toledo area outdoor wedding venues offer similar benefits.