Go Where No Barn Has Gone Before: 3 Reasons a Tent Wedding May be Better Than a Barn Wedding in Toledo

What better blank canvas than … well… canvas? Tent weddings offer many of the same advantages as barn weddings for your outdoor wedding reception or ceremony. They can be elegant, beautiful, and accessorized in more ways than most people realize.

The main appeal of a tent wedding is being in nature. The fresh air, birdsong, and raw beauty of the country lends an easy elegance to any ceremony or event. It’s not just a for country people. It’s a notion of beauty that appeals to people from the city and country alike. You can get some of the same benefits from a barn wedding, but in many ways, tents are better.

There are three main advantages to tents over barns:

1) Size your tent wedding to your guest list; barn weddings are one-size only

Space usage is one important consideration when controlling how intimate your event will feel. Fixed structures are exactly that – fixed. They don’t grow or shrink in size with your wedding guest list. If a barn is sized for 300 guests, and you’re only inviting 120, your reception may feel like it doesn’t fill up the space. This can feel awkward and inelegant.

The opposite problem could be even worse. If you rent a barn built for 100 guests, but have 200 on your guest list, the space will feel cramped.

Size your tent for your needs. Rentals are available to cover wedding sizes ranging from 25 to well over 300.

2) Don’t just be by nature, be in nature

Barns can be beautiful, but they are completely enclosed, and they can’t be moved. With good foresight and planning, brides can select the specific site and orientation for their tent—a shady grove of trees, next to the water or the center of a prairie speckled with wildflowers. If the weather is good, all the walls can be pulled back allowing the birdsong and fresh scents of nature to permeate the atmosphere. If the weather turns sour or the bugs start to come out, simply close up the walls, and enjoy a similar weather-tight protection as a permanent structure.

We get asked all the time, “What if it rains?” our answer, “Go in the tent :-)”. Its dry. Its warm, and the sound of the rain on the canvas is beautiful and relaxing.

The Toledo area offers locations with unparalleled natural beauty. There’s no more intimate way to enjoy that beauty than under a canopy with the walls drawn back, and the sounds, aromas, and sights of nature welcomed in.

3) Customize tents to suit budget and needs; barns are much more set in stone

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Everything is permanently affixed with a barn. You pay a piece of the pie for whatever is there whether or not you use it. Tents can be budget-friendly because you don’t pay for it if you don’t need it. Is your 90-year-old grandfather coming to your wedding at the end of July? You can rent cooling for your tent. Are you planning your wedding for the end of fall? You can rent a heater for your tent.

The rental company we use for our events provides and heats the event tents at the Toledo Zoo for their Lights Before Christmas. Their expertise is invaluable, and the heater itself costs a nominal $95.

Many people don’t know the many opportunities for customization that exist with tents. Good local rental agencies like Skyline Party Rental offer many customization options. Chandeliers, string lights, dance floors, full floors, lighting, fans, bars, and much much more are all available to add on to your rental package at very reasonable rates. You can cultivate your vision inside, as well as out.

We’re a Toledo wedding venue specializing in outdoor Barn-style weddings with tents. Contact us to talk about your vision and how we can help you create a memorable special day.